You Know That fresh blog content, customer emails and frequent Social Media posts Lead To More Business, But You Struggle To Keep Up With All The Content Creation.

It can feel like you have two full-time jobs: focusing on your clients AND growing your business. That's where I come in. Let me handle the creative for you so you can focus on what you do best – helping others feel great and live a healthy life! 

Grow Your Business...

 Without Burning Out

Creating content and marketing your business seems like a full-time job…and it takes away from what you really love doing – taking care of your clients and patients.

You Need Great Content

As a health practitioner, you dedicate your career to improving the lives of others. You may feel like lately, you’re just treading water, and the old ways of getting new patients and clients aren’t working anymore.

If you feel this, you’re right. Times are changing.

Grow Your Practice

Today, your online presence and marketing strategy is more important than ever before. Attracting new patients through education and storytelling is what will get you ahead and allow you to live the life you want.

Content Matters

When you work with me I create expertly researched content and a strong inbound marketing strategy to attract more clients and patients to you. You can have more control over your practice, save time and energy.

Stronger Online Presence
So why trust me?
Who is this for?


Medical doctors

Holistic Health practitoners


Mental health professionals

Health & Wellness practitioners 

Women's health experts

anyone in the health &
wellness space


What you get

complete content marketing strategy

(4) Four expert blogs to help your website rank high in search results, Get the #1 google spot, and drive traffic to your site

(4) email newsletter content to promote your blogs and other offers

(4) social media posts and graphics to promote your blog posts

(4) customizable social media posts to promote your services

monthly google analytics tracking and reporting 

monthly website audit 

Health & Wellness practitioners 

women's health experts


Each month you get....

Your investment $5,500

Invest in your business. It's time to outsource your content and watch your business grow.
Your Content Membership gets you expertly written blogs, emails and social media content for your specific industry, delivered to your inbox each month. You don't have time to research the latest online marketing trends (or SEO keywords, content strategy, how to make social media graphics, email marketing....) so when you become a member, you know you're getting content that will attract more customers to your business.


Work smarter, not harder!

This is for you if....

You want a solid strategy to drive more traffic to your website (without ads!) 

You want to build value for services and increase revenue

You don't have time to research, write and edit your content and write in a way your customers will want to read

You know there are better ways to spend your time


Like it or not, the internet is here to stay. And it's time you claim your spot and show up for the people who are looking for the services you offer. This is your chance to grow, expand, help more people and build a better life for yourself. Because you can't do it all (at least not do it all at the same time and do it all well).

Lean on me to bring your business to a place of sustainable growth through done-for-you content that connects with your audience and inspires action to make an appointment with you. 

I'll take your knowledge and expertise and craft it into consumer friendly content pieces that educates and motivates your target audience to schedule with you, trust your recommendations and pay for your services.  


Here's why you need this

Get the content and strategy that works! Drive more traffic to your website, get more business, and build value for your services. I got this! 

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