expert copywriting for the health & wellness industry

You started your business because you have a passion and drive to improve the lives of others. You understand that good health is priceless. So whether you work in nutrition, medicine, massage, women’s health, oral health, holistic care, or another area, you have a deep passion for health and wellness.

But running a business isn’t easy. Creating content and marketing your business seems like a full-time job…and it takes away from what you really love doing – taking care of your clients and patients.

As a health practitioner, you dedicate your career to improving the lives of others. You may feel like lately, you’re just treading water, and the old ways of getting new patients and clients aren’t working anymore.

If you feel this, you’re right. Times are changing.

Today, your online presence and marketing strategy is more important than ever before. Attracting new patients through education and storytelling is what will get you ahead and allow you to live the life you want.

It today’s digital world, there are a few things you must have to stand out:

  • An authentic brand voice and connection
  • A high-quality website full of informational content
  • Great SEO throughout your web content and blogs
  • Consistent inbound marketing strategy

Your time and efforts are best focused on your medical, dental, or wellness practice. Your marketing budget is best spent on content creation to grow your business. But one person can’t do it all. That’s how I can help.

When you work with me I create expertly researched content and a strong inbound marketing strategy to attract more clients and patients to you. You can have more control over your practice, save time and energy by reducing reliance on insurance companies. I get to know you, your business, and your ‘why’ to create an authentic brand voice throughout your content.

What’s your story? Need help telling it? I create authentic stories that resonate with your audience to attract more ideal patients and clients to your practice.

Helping you clarify your message, share your passion, and grow your business.

Working with a health and wellness copywriter frees up your valuable time and gets your message out into the world in an effective, purposeful way. It creates more opportunities for you to do what you love, builds your business, and work the way you want.

So you can get back to your passion.  

Your job is to educate, nurture, and improve the lives of others. Now let me work for you by becoming your copywriter.

I understand your struggles because I’ve been there. It can be difficult to find consistent, high-quality writers who specialize in your industry. And now you found one!

When you work with me, I don’t just write for you and you also get:

  • Understanding of inbound marketing, content marketing, and years of experience working in and writing for the health and wellness industry.
  • Well-researched content. Every piece of content is thoroughly researched and always supported by scholarly articles, scientific studies, and authoritative sources.
  • SEO (keywords, header tags, internal and external linking)
  • Original and engaging content to keep readers on your website longer and drive conversions.
  • Consumer research to understand your audience.
  • Easy to read blog format for good reader experience.
  • Proofreading and editing. 
  • Good two-way communication with your copywriter.

how to work with me

I work with clients in various capacities depending on your business goals and content needs, from solo projects to long-term fulfillment. Need more consistent content? A retainer may be the perfect fit for you.

Ready to talk? Email me and let’s create something awesome!

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